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Water-ring vacuum pump close circuit system

The closed-circuit unit is widely applied in industries of chemical engineering, pharmacy etc.  Due to its operating principle and structure. Under common circumstances, operating liquid of water-ring vacuum pump adopts straight-line mode.  The water exhausted by water-ring vacuum pump enters large reclying pool or exhausted away directly.  This kind of water supply/discharge mode is easy for connection and use, thus being widely adopted in practical application.  However, if the extracted medium contains an organic solvent or poisonous substances,the use has the following disadvantages:
1. When water-ring pump extracts gas, the extracted gas is mixed with operating liquid, and the water exhausted at water exhaust port contains a partial organic solvent and poisonous substance, the discharge of a large amount of water causes heavy pollution to the environment.
2.The water-containing organic solvent and poisonous substance will release harmful gas will aggravate environmental pollution.
3.The extracted organic solvent can’t be easily recycled and will be wasted.
In view of the above problems, more and more chemical, pharmaceutical enterprises have adopted closed-circuit circulation system of water-ring vacuum pump.

The main components of closed-circuit circulation system:
Liquid-ring vacuum pump/compressor
Gas-liquid separator
Heat exchanger
Common Chassis
Internal pipeline

Main Features:
1.This unit is supplied as compelete equipments, including gas-liquid separator, condenser(heat exchanger), unit rack, internal pipeline.  It’s easy for users to install this unit and greatly shorten installation period.
2.Operating liquid can adopt water or various chemical slivents, which can greatly reduce environmental pollution from chemical enterprises.
3.If adopting extracted medium as operating liquid, extracted medium can be recycled.
4.Belonging to non-standard products, 2BL series closed-circuit circulation systems are designed according to users’ specific requirements on the conditions of inlet, cooling water, and exhaust port etc.