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SZB water ring vacuum pump


SZB series vacuum pump is a suspension liquid ring vacuum pump, which is used to suction air or other gas that is non-corrosive, unsolvable in water and with no solid powder. The minimum suction pressure is -0.086Mpa. It is widely used in industries such as mechanical, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and others. It is especially applicable in to intake water for large pumps.

SZB LRVP performance parameter:

type suction amount
utmost vacuum (MPa) motor power(kw) pump rotary speed(r/min) caliber of suction port(mm) caliber of drain port(mm) supplied water amount(L/min) weight (including motor)
maximum air
suction pressure-0.0
SZB-4 0.33 0.24(4L/S) -0.086 1.5 1400 G1″ G1″ 8 95
SZB-8 0.64 0.48(8L/S) -0.086 2.2 1420 G1″ G1″ 10 105


  • When the vacuum percentage range is 40% to 90%, or the pressure range is 0.05Mpa to 0.15Mpa, the gas suction and drainage will be subject to the amount of the supplied water amount and the crevice between the impeller and the side cover. If the flux is rather small, and the adjustment is not accurate enough, the gas suction and drainage tends to be smaller.
  • The value in the table is obtained under the following condition: ① water temperature is 15℃ ② air temperature is 20℃ ③ relative humidity of the gas is 70% ④ air pressure is 0.1013Mpa
  • The performance difference in the table will not exceed 5%