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SZ Series water ring vacuum pump


SZ series liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor are remodeled on the basis of the product produced by FSU imported in 60s or 70s. Since the product has lower efficiency and lower vacuum degree, these series have been faded gradually at present. Our company has years of professional production experience of liquid ring vacuum pumps, so we still retain the production scheme of this series. (But now we only produce the pump for maintenance and change the old pump. We do not recommend this series as new items to introduce to users.)

Uses and Features:

SZ series water ring vacuum pump and the compressor is used to suction or compressed air and other non-corrosive, insoluble in water, solid particles of gas to form a vacuum and pressure to do it in a sealed container. Inhalation of gas mixed with a small amount of liquid allowed.

It is widely used in machinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar industry and electronics.

As in the work process, the compression process is isothermal gas, so the compression and pumping explosive gases, less dangerous, it more widely.

SZ series LRVP performance parameter:


The data in the table are obtained under the following condition:

  • Atmosphere 0.1013Mpa.
  • Water temperature 15℃
  • Air temperature 20℃
  • Relative humidty 70%s
  • Tolerance≤±5%