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W series reciprocating vacuum pump

W,WY series horizontal reciprocating vacuum pumps Characteristics

W type vacuum pump adopts the circle-shaped stationary valve, and its  ultimate pressure (absolute pressure) is lower than 2600Pa. The WY type vacuum  pumps adopt stripe-shaped moving valves,and its ultimate pressure is lower than 1300Pa.
The pumps are principally used in the chemical industry,pharmaceutical,light industry,building material and electrical appliance etc.

Mechanical transmission part:
The mechanical transmission part of the entire mechanism is in a closed body, and the vacuum pump crankshaft is supported in tapered roller bearings on both sides of the body. A large pulley is mounted on one end of the crankshaft to drive the transmission portion. The connecting rod connects the journal of the crankshaft with the crosshead. A large pulley is mounted at one end of the piston rod to drive the transmission portion. The other end is mounted on the tapered bore of the piston and secured by a nut. The motor and the small pulley mounted on the shaft drive the crankshaft to rotate by the triangular tape, so that the piston reciprocates in the cylinder through the action of the connecting rod and the crosshead.
When the connecting rod crank mechanism moves in the machine body, the lubricating oil in the oil pool is splashed to lubricate the friction surface of the bearing, crankshaft neck, crosshead and slip. In order to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the transmission mechanism, the door is provided with a detachable door cover on both sides and the back, and an oil window is arranged on the rear cover to indicate the oil level of the oil pool in the body.

Gas circulation part:
The air chamber and the cylinder are integrally formed, the air inlet chamber is provided with an intake valve as an air inlet, and the air chamber is provided with an exhaust valve as an exhaust port, and a valve plate and a coil spring are formed on the air groove of the valve to form a check valve. To control the intake and exhaust and automate the gas distribution.
There is a piston in the cylinder, and the piston is equipped with a piston ring to ensure that the ends of the cylinder separated by the piston are airtight. When the piston reciprocates in the cylinder, the volume at both ends of the cylinder is constantly changed, the area of one end enlarges the suction gas, and the other end reduces the exhaust gas. The combined action of the piston and the air valve periodically completes the suction and exhaust of the vacuum pump.
The cooling water flowing in the water jacket of the cylinder takes the heat generated by the compressed surface of the gas and the heat generated by the friction of the metal surface, so that the cylinder does not overheat. The cooling water flows into the water from below the cylinder head, and flows out of the vacuum pump through the water outlet of the water jacket.
The friction surface between the inner wall of the cylinder and the piston ring is lubricated by the oil cup mounted on the cylinder.

W series reciprocating vacuum pumps use:

W series pump (a.k.a Piston vacuum pump) is one of the main equipment gaining rough vacuum, used for evacuating air in a sealed vessel. It widely used in the chemical and food industries, and is particularly suitable for pumping gases in the vacuum distilling, vaporizing, dipping, concentrating, crystal, drying and filtering.

W series vacuum pump performance parameters:

WWY Series Horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump

Model WY-50






W3 W4-A W4-1 W5-1 W-300
Suction air speed


200 370 770 200 370 370 770 1080
Maximum pressure


1300 1300 1300 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600
Rotation Speed


300 200 200 300 200 530 430 300
Motor power


5.5 11 22 5.5 11 11 22 30
Cylinder diameter(mm) 250 x 150 350 x 200 455 x 250 250 x 150 350 x 200 250 x 150 350 x 200 450 x 200
Air inlet/outlet diameter


2” 4” 5” 2” 4” 4” 5” 4”
Water inlet/outlet diameter


½” ½” ¾” ½” ¾” ½” ¾” ¾”
Volume(mm) Length(mm) 1435 1819 2357 1418 1809 1486 1805 1980
Width(mm) 624 876 1010 630 876 520 670 745
Height(mm) 710 900 1162 650 900 720 860 980

WL W Series vertical oil-free reciprocating vacuum pump

Model Suction air speed


Maximum pressure


Motor Power


Rotation Speed


Air inlet/outlet diameter


WL W-500 50 2600 4 350 G2.5” 500
WL W-100 100 2600 7.5 355 100 800
WL W-150 150 2600 11 235 125 1300
WL W-200 200 2600 15 310 125 1350
WL W-300 300 2600 22 460 125 1400
WL W-600 600 2600 45 310 200 3200